Bethlehem, P.O.Box 261, Palestine +970-274-3244

About The School


Take A Look at How We Begin

As soon as the De La Salle Brothers of the Christian Schools (Freres) settled in Jerusalem in 1876, they naturally looked forward to establish a school in Bethlehem to provide high quality education to the young boys of the town.

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Our Lasallian Ethos

1. Respect for all people: we honor and respect the dignity of all individuals.
2. Quality education: we engage in quality education together as students and staff by thinking critically and striving for personal best.
3. Inclusive community: we celebrate diversity and welcome all members to our community.
4. Concern for the poor and social justice: we are in solidarity with the poor and advocate for those without a voice. We also as well provide an environment that is moral, caring and joyful. In order to serve others, especially the poor, and to deepen a sense of responsibility for humanity’s future.
5. Faith in the presence of God: we believe in the living of god in our students, in our community and in our world.

Our Mission